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Get Listed

Get Listed accepts all eligible equipment to our database free of charge that is filed with a complete and conforming application.


Acceptance Eligibility

The equipment for listing must be suitable for and being actively marketed to Rural Telecoms. A manufacturer self-certifies to this in their acceptance application cover letter.

How to get equipment accepted to this database

Contact our Listing, Archival, and Renewal Department at for complete details about how to file for acceptance to this database.

In summary, we accept new equipment to this list on a rolling basis. Equipment must go through an application and acceptance process which loosely follows the procedures originally set by RUS Telecommunications. High priority application items include:

  • 1. Cover letter requesting acceptance stating that the equipment is suitable for and being actively marketed to the rural telecommunication service provider community;
  • 2. Buy American Compliance documentation signed by and executive of the company;
  • 3. List of Standards Conformance; and,
  • 4. Certification Certificates and or Self-certification affirmation letter signed by an executive of the company and states that the equipment is ‘self-certified’ to the standard.

Our application intake documentation consists of a PDF form that can be completed yourself or you may seek assistance. We work with several consultants familiar with our application process to whom we can provide references upon request. For more information or a reference to a consultant please contact

How to modify your existing listing

This database contains the complete and entire catalog of items contained in the RUS telecom List of Materials - Telecommunications (IP-344-2) as of its last publishing February, 2011.

The RUS List of Materials was not created in a tabular format and was therefore a challenge to convert into a standardized table structure. The result is that at the time of our launch a number of fields in the tables are empty. We invite companies to update and normalize their data (complete empty fields) so their listing follows the table architecture and is easy to find by visitors.

The form to use to submit your normalized listing can be found here

NOTE: If a manufacturer wishes to be part of the equipment comparison engine site feature forthcoming they must normalize their data and build a Product Marketing Page (see the Marketing Opportunities page on the main menu above) to be included in this sorting function.