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Marketing Opportunities

Marketing Opportunities

The is a distinct and fertile marketing opportunity. Here Rural Telecoms, including RUS program borrowers who have borrowed government money for the purpose of purchasing equipment (stewards of over $20 billion in funding since 2003) connect with vendors whose equipment is suitable for use in a Rural Telecom's system such as those of a RUS borrower. A basic listing is free of charge.


A goal of this site is to improve communication and foster a sense of community between RUS Telecommunications program Borrowers, Engineers and Manufacturers. This is done by offering a variety of marketing opportunities which these parties can use to communicate and connect with one another.

The website is a unique, distinct and fertile marketing opportunity. Here Rural Telco’s including RUS borrowers who have borrowed government money for the purpose of purchasing equipment (stewards of over $20 billion in funding since 2003) search for equipment suitable for purchase and use in their systems..

To discuss the marketing opportunities listed below please contact someone in our sales group at

Rates for the marketing opportunities below are not published on our website. They can be obtained by contacting someone in sales at or you can call our office at 206-745-2031 to discuss your options.

Basic Listing in the database

Just being in the database is a powerful marketing tool. And a basic listing is free of charge if filed with a complete application following our guidelines. For more information about adding equipment to the database click here.

Product Marketing Page

While all qualifying equipment is accepted to the manufacturers can opt to substantively increase the depth of information available to visitors. A free listing communicates basic product information and standards certification. An expanded listing, what we call the “Product Marketing Page” or PMP, will contain all the data decision makers (RUS borrowers) need to make their equipment choices. If a manufacturer invests in a PMP they will be including in the equipment comparison function forthcoming. If they do not have a PMP the comparison engine will not have the search criteria data to process so the equipment will be excluded from that feature.


There are sponsorship opportunities on the home page, results pages, newsletters and dedicated sponsor pages.

Sponsors receive the highest degree of visibility offered on the site in exchange for their meaningful contributions and enabling support of


Every month we publish a newsletter identifying what equipment was added to the database since the last update. This tool helps keep people up to date in a timely fashion and spares them the need to check the site and hunt for equipment that was added since last update. Newsletters will be archived on the website for easy reference.

Newsletter 'edition' sponsorships, subcategory sponsorships and expanded listings are among the marketing opportunities in the newsletters.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising will be served on search results pages with offers related to the search. Also, search and competitor specific ads will be served on blank product marketing pages where manufacturers opted out of promoting their own product with a PMP.

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