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Manufacturer Obligations

A Special Note to Manufacturers

Manufacturer reporting regarding compliance with the Buy American Act of 1938 as amended, quality, performance, and nationally recognized standards compliance requirements did not end with the retirement of the RUS List of Materials. You must now make your case directly to program borrowers and their engineers. To learn more read on below.

Listing your equipment and its Buy American Status is a free service provided by

We provide this database as a free service to borrowers so they can create plans and specs and purchase equipment with confidence that what they purchase can be proved to RUS as being equipment acceptable for purchase using RUS program funds. Not only is the use of this site free, but there is also no fee charged to manufacturers for a basic equipment listing. We don’t charge manufactures to be on the list because doing so would limit the selection that borrows can choose from. We rely on an advertising based model.

Manufacturer Obligations

Establishing your equipment’s quality, reliability and Buy American status represented in your acceptance to RUS Telecommunication's List of Materials Acceptable for Use on Systems of USDA Rural Development Telecommunications Borrowers IP-344-2 must now be done directly to tens of borrowers and engineers with millions in sales at stake. is the resource created for borrowers to turn to for easy access to transparent data answering the questions about equipment conformance including; specs, performance, warrantee, standards compliance, and Buy American compliance judgment status. If you are a manufacturer interested in selling your equipment to Rural Telecoms (our initial primary target audience) we strongly suggest your product be included in the database and you should maximize the amount of data you provide on the site for greatest impact.

Alternatively, manufacturers can go it alone and respond to every inquiry individually. However, if a manufacturer uses they have the benefit of a uniform set of documents for borrowers and sales teams alike. Posting equipment on not only raises the visibility of your equipment but it shows the Rural Telecom community including RUS borrowers you are serious about them and their business. Ignore the opportunity to mitigate the impact of these new burdens placed upon borrowers and risk losing sales to manufacturers who recognize them and take action to relive the burden by posting on

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To raise the visibility of your equipment and help borrowers find out what they need to know about your standards compliance manufacturers should:


Listing equipment is free. Presently the database includes all equipment on USDA - RUS Telecom's List of Materials Acceptable for Use on Systems of USDA Rural Development Telecommunications Borrowers IP-344-2 as of its last publishing and several listings since its retirement. New equipment meeting high technical standards and applicable industry standards are being added on a rolling basis. Contact us to discuss your listing. Should items be added, modified, or removed? Learn more about listing here.

If you have a current listing on we strongly suggest you normalize the data to the modernized tabular reporting format (fill in the blanks). This will improve the search function so your equipment is pulled from the database by all appropriate search terms. Review how you are listed here. Download our form to normalize your data here.


The Buy American form we use for manufacturer self-certification contains the same compliance language that was on the RUS Buy American self-certification compliance document used in applications for acceptance to the retired RUS List of Materials. The language can still be found in official RUS borrower guidelines reference documentation as the measure against which a manufacturer must determine their compliance. RUS has not yet published a form of their own design for the purpose of preemptive certification though we hope they will. If and when RUS does post a form we will use it for self-certifications and notify the manufacturers who signed our version that an official RUS version is available. In the absence of an official RUS form manufacturers should consider the likelihood that RUS will ask for additional Buy American compliance assurances from them or of borrower regarding a specific deployment at a specific date and time using program funds (as they always have through the FORM 213 and other such RUS forms) as part of the loan process. The form we use is not associated with a specific deployment or a specific date in time (as RUS may require for their own needs - not yet made clear by RUS) but is a proactive general signal sent by manufacturers to borrowers and their engineers that this manufacturer believes on the basis of the guidance given in the Buy American Act of 1938 as amended their equipment meets the Buy American guidelines (as was its function on the RUS List of Materials) and that any future confirmation regarding Buy American compliance required by RUS could be reliably executed.

Compliance with the Buy American Act is one of the single most important things that borrowers are required to consider when choosing equipment. A preemptive self-certification, while serving as a general notification as opposed to an official verification at a specific date and time pertaining to a specific RUS loan project, is a prudent tactical action which addresses a chief concern of borrowers at the outset of their equipment consideration process. Learn more about the Buy American requirement here.


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The website is a unique, distinct and fertile marketing opportunity. Here Rural Telecoms including RUS program borrowers (stewards of over $20 billion in funding since 2003) search for equipment that meets the their own strict guidelines and whatever borrowing guidelines imposed by a discriminating governing body. Learn more about our marketing opportunities here.

To see a mock of our product detail page marketing offering that collects in one place all the information necessary to determine compliance with RUS borrower equipment guidelines click here.

Document Reference

Cover Letter Sample - filed with equipment listing request.

LOM.COM FORM BA - this is your Buy American compliance self- certification form. It must be signed by every manufacturer who believes on the basis of the guidance given in the Buy American Act of 1938 as amended their equipment meets the Buy American guidelines. The Buy American requirement is still in full force and effect and is one of the primary criteria borrowers must address when considering equipment. Preemptive certification is a prudent decision that will go far toward advancing the likelihood of a borrower considering your equipment

Exhibit A (also used for data normalization) - this is used to itemize the equipment you wish listed and to do so if a format consistent with the database tabular format and is required when using LOM.COM FORM BA. This is a Microsoft Excel form. You may need to approve its download to your computer.

Administrator Jonathon Adelstein's letter announcing the retirement of the USDA / RUS Telecommunications List of Materials. - This letter announces the retirement of the List of Materials and establishes the following rules going forward: "we (RUS) will transition from a listing process to an approach which ensures that construction financed by RUS meets applicable industry standards", and that "it (RUS) is not ending its insistence that infrastructure financed by taxpayers through our program conform to the highest technical standards", and, lastly, "It (RUS) is not altering its statutory Buy America obligations"..

Who the site helps and how

Equipment Manufacturers helps them reach an audience well financed and actively designing and deploying systems, and, gives manufacturers a unique opportunity to market special programs directly to that audience. Also, by creating a uniform set of easy to access documents hosted on (for their clients and sales teams alike) manufacturers raise the visibility of their equipment and unburden their sales force from questions about relevant equipment standards compliance every time they work with a prospect.

Rural Telecoms (borrowers and non-borrowers) is a free central repository of equipment data that helps them find quality, reliable, high-performing equipment designed for their special needs including determining nationally recognized standards as may be required by governing organizations such as RUS.

Rural Telecom Engineers helps them shop a marketplace with equipment actively targeting their special needs and organized by nationally recognized standards. Helping them help RUS borrowers meet their obligations and helping them find the best equipment to suit their deployments, unfettered by worry about whether the future acquisition of the equipment meets RUS approval. The engineer will longer be left on their own to investigate and confirm these things on a case-by-case basis as that information and so much more is documented and available to them here.

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